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Atlantisphere, an electronic music composer, producer and performer from Cambridgeshire, delivers a uniquely compelling, live and organic musical experience. Ever evolving, his performances are a captivating blend of Drum and Bass, Techno, and Electronica, blending them with orchestral and symphonic sounds culminating in what he refers to as a "Unique Eclectic DnB Experience". His distinctive style weaves together an array of musical inspirations, resulting in an exciting journey through evocative electronic symphonies and rich, textured rhythms.

Taking the 2020 lockdown as an opportunity for creative exploration, Atlantisphere worked tirelessly to refine his musical palette, independently releasing his debut EP, "Deeper Down," in October 2020. From there, he began venturing into live performance territory, starting with online streaming and gradually progressing to in-person shows. His tracks "Your Love" and "Gentle Separation" have made their way to the airwaves, featured on BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire and Cambridge 105's New Music Generator. Through these artistic endeavours, Atlantisphere is continuously growing, ensuring each performance offers a unique and memorable auditory experience.

The year 2023 brought about a significant shift in Atlantisphere's musical narrative. Fresh off the heels of an enthusiastic reception at the Strawberry Fair, he found himself diving deeper into the Drum and Bass landscape, enhancing his sonic narrative with fresh, energizing layers. One of Atlantisphere's key attributes is his adaptability; his performances can transform from intimate DJ table sessions to stage performances fit for larger venues. His shows strike a thoughtful balance between emotional depth and symphonic elation, delivering electronic dance music that resonates with the venue and connects with the audience's energy. Atlantisphere's musical pursuits represent a passion that continues to resonate and evolve. His dedication to crafting a unique, eclectic DnB experience offers audiences an unforgettable musical journey that pushes the envelope of the electronic music scene. With Atlantisphere, every performance is more than a show… it's an immersive musical adventure.


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